United International Group owns and maintains a number of worker's sites located through the UAE . These sites are residential blocks housing the workers and providing many wonderful amenities and services. The sites contains administration buildings, laundry services, 24/7 security services, catering food services, dinning blocks, retail supermarkets, barber salons, a money exchange and some have a medical clinic. In essence they are a fully functional mini-cities.

ADMG was founded in January 2007. The camp is located in Al Reem island. The camp has 946 rooms and a bed capacity of 10,447. In 2007, Al Reem island witnessed a boom in construction, and as a result the proximity of a camp was a smart decision and a necessity.

24/7 Customer Support

Dinning Block

Zone Corp Compliance

Travel agency

2 Supermarkets

Medical Clinic and Laundry service

10,447 beds

Money(foreign) Exchange

Entertainment centre

Basketball and Volleyball centre

Barber Shop